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4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

Thehair follicledrug test is becoming increasingly popular because of its high accuracy and effectiveness. Compared to the urine test, the hair follicle test of almost cannot be cheated or falsified.

The key word is almost there, so don’t worry, we’ll show you how it’s done.

There are few reliable methods that are sufficiently effective in removing traces of illegal substances from hair follicles to enable drug testing. So if you’re interested in the , how to take thehair follicle drug test, just scroll or jump further in the Aloe Reed preview (the best) if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re wondering what a hair drug test is and why it has a bad reputation, we’re going to shed light on various myths, misconceptions and facts about how to take a hair drug test, right underneath. We have also included a FAQ section with short answers to better inform you about the , how to take theGuaranteed Hair Medicine Test.

Myths about testing hair products

There are many myths and misconceptions associated with testing for drugs in hair follicles. And while some may seem like a good idea at first, but get you into trouble later on, other myths may be true.

No hair follicles, no test?

One of the popular myths, or should I say the intended way to be tested for drugs in the hair follicle is to shave your head (assuming the hair grows on it). If you don’t have hair on your head, the technicians won’t be able to take the hair sample needed for a drug test. So when you clean the hair on your head, you remove the metabolites from the drugs in your hair and the hair itself.

However, shaving your head for a drug test in hair follicles is a bad idea for several reasons.

You’re not the first one who’s found a way to shave your head to take a drug test. The appearance of a shaved skull directly on a day hair follicle drug test seems too convenient, doesn’t it? It’s like trying to hide something. Picture of a man shaving his head.

This method is not only suspicious but also very inefficient, because the laboratory can test your body hair for the presence of drugs. Lab technicians should take a 1.5-inch long hair sample from every body hair you have, including chest and armpit hair.

If the donor has no hair on the head or if the hair is less than 1.5 inches long, the sample can be taken from other parts of the body. Depending on their preference, our collectors cut the hair from the trunk, armpits, legs or face to obtain a hair sample. Nicole Hupe, Quest Diagnostics.

If you are constantly shaving as part of your care, the lab can always check for drugs in your urine, saliva or even blood.

Stroke gap

The second most common myth or misconception is that the hair follicle is not well suited for low doses or irregular use. This myth is to some extent true, but its legitimacy depends on several factors. Drug tests have a so-called threshold value, a value that stands for the level of drug metabolites in a hair sample that you have provided2.

If the level of metabolites in the hair sample does not exceed the limit, the result of the drug test in the hair follicles will be considered negative, which means that you have passed the test.

On the other hand, if the metabolic rate is higher than the threshold, you have failed the test.

The level of your metabolite depends not only on how often you use drugs, but also on how effective they are. You may be a connoisseur of marijuana smoke who rarely smokes, but if you take high doses or strong drugs, the level of the metabolite may still be high.

While it is unlikely that you will accidentally be caught having fun, it is strongly recommended that you clean your hair before proceeding with a hair follicle test.

CNG shampoos for detoxification

The last myth we’re going to talk about is that any hair shampoo can get rid of drugs. There are many detoxifying shampoos on the market, including the large pharmacy or theshop near you. A wide range of these shampoos can be found in Walmart, GNC, Walgreensand other stores.

But when it comes to testing the hair, the quality of these shampoos is questionable at best.

Although advertised as hair care products, most of these inexpensive brands do not have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and remove medication. We strongly advise you to stay away.

If you are looking for the best detoxifying shampoo for your hair, we recommend that you purchase it at your company’s head office or from a specialized online store. A high quality shampoo for follicle cleaning in the official store is the best way to get the best price and quality.

Facts about testing hair follicles with medication

After debunking the myths about testing for hair follicle drugs, here are some important facts about testing for hair follicle drugs.

Hair strand TestExactly

The hair follicle test is a two-step test method that is more accurate than a urine or blood test. First, a hair sample is tested for drugs and if the test was topositive, the sample is subjected to a second test.

The second step is a test using gas chromatography in combination with mass spectrometry, which is very sensitive for determining the concentration of metabolites in a hair sample. It is so sensitive that it can detect traces of the drug in one thousandth of a gram of the trillionth of a gram of sample. It tests the hair for drugs with great accuracy.

It has a longer detection window

In fact, the accuracy of the hair test is not the main selling point – it is a long window of recognition. The hair follicles in drug tests have an incredibly long detection period because they can detect substances within three months and sometimes years after use. Drug residues, in particular organic residues such as THC, can be stored and detected in human hair indefinitely.

Although the detection window is a full year, 90 days is generally considered the standard for hair follicles when testing drugs. Technicians only need to take a hair sample of about 1.5 inches for the test, which is about about 90 days hair growth3.

You need a special shampoo for follicular hair

Because the drug metabolites stay in your hair for a long time, you need specially formulated shampoos to remove them. Your regular daily shampoo can clean yourhair, but is not strong enough to penetrate the hair shaft and remove toxins from the product.

For this reason you need a special shampoo for the hair follicles to make sure you have passed the hair follicle test.

There are many different shampoos for hair follicles on the market, especially on the shelves of pharmacies and department stores. Instead of relying on them, it is important to do online research and select relevant brands to do a hair test.

We’ve already done it for you and found the best detox shampoos powerful enough to wash the drug metabolites from your hair follicles.

Top Reviews of Hair Detoxification Shampoos

You want all toxins removed from your hair to make sure you have been tested for hair follicle drugs. The only way to do this is to use an essential shampoo for the hair follicles as part of a structured detoxification process (especially for those who like marijuana smoke).

All brands with hidden or opaque lists of ingredients, whether patented or not, should be avoided. Good shampoos for hair follicles should have a proven formula with the listed ingredients, regardless of the accessories, and should be made by a reputable manufacturer.

Nexxus Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo

Aloe Toxin Reed has the highest rating and is the #1 recommended detox shampoo that completely removes toxins from the hair without damaging it. Note: there are two versions of Aloe Rid, the older version of which detoxifies the hair much better.

Only the Old Style formula, available in official stores, has proven to be effective in testing hair for drugs.

If you find Aloe Reed elsewhere, 99.9% is probably a new formula that doesn’t work!

Aloe Toxin Reed is a medical grade shampoo designed to penetrate the hair follicles properly and to remove toxins and free radicals. These cleansing effects are achieved through the use of proven ingredients such as propylene glycol, which has sufficient penetration to remove pharmaceutical residues from the hair.

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

Remember that Aloe Toxin Reed only works best if you are taking mild or intermediate medications. Chronic and heavy users ofshould use it with Ultra Clean (see below) or take a detoxification course first if they have a few days to get tested for drugs.

As an alternative to heavy marijuana smoke, Aloe Toxin Rid is a central element of the Macujo method, which we will discuss later in this article. As part of the structured cleaning method, Aloe Reed has enough power to remove all illegal substances from your hair, including THC metabolites, and you will be tested for marijuana drugs.

The Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid is no longer produced and is only available in limited quantities!

Currently in stock, by the end of May 2020Click this button to reserve it in the official TestClear store:

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

Ultra Pure Shampoo

We strongly recommend the aloe reed, which is almost 100% successful, but not cheap given the limited supply. Although we think it’s worth asking for a prize if passing a hair test means doing a comfortable job, we understand that some people can’t afford it.

In this case, the Zydot Ultra Clean is the best budget option, and it always has an excellent passe-partout, especially if it is preceded by a good detoxification course, such as the Toxin Rid from the aloe reed manufacturers, or as part of the Jerry G method (see below). It is also the best shampoo for hair follicles available at Volmart.

However, unlike the other inferior and indistinguishable shampoos you’ll find at Walmart, Ultra Clean does wonders when it comes to cleansing, disinfecting and conditioning your hair.

Although the Zydot can be found at Walmart, we do not recommend buying it there because of the possibility of forgeries and expired samples.

Thanks to its proven ingredients, Ultra Clean can dissolve all illegal substances in your hair. It also removes dirt and hair products from the strands, while Hair Conditioner is used at the same time. The result is drug-free hair, with more controlled confusion.

Although Zidot penetrates the hair shaft, it is less effective in removing toxins than the old-fashioned aloe toxin-based reed. The shampoo itself does not have the potential to lower metabolic concentrations below the threshold for normal and heavy users, so it is best used in combination with Aloe Toxin Reed.

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

It is also worth mentioning that Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo for hair follicles is also the basis of a structured cleaning method – the Jerry G method. This is a very effective cleaning method, which we will talk about later.

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

Detoxification of razor hair

The Razor Shampoo Kit is advertised as an aggressive method to metabolise your hair. Its incredible cleaning power is achieved through a patented combination of metabolic and penetrating substances.

This brand is nowhere to be found on Amazonor any other e-commerce site where is generally a good thing. However, we have not been able to find any information about the brand other than that contained on the manufacturer’s website.

When we opened the manufacturer’s website, we found that it was full of glossy text, misrepresentations and misleading criticism. The manufacturer claims that the patented four-step formula completely destroys the metabolites of the drug in your hair.

Shampoos with pre-treatment, penetrating shampoos, activating shampoos and shampoos with alkaline metabolism in your opinion effectively cleanse your hair.

You also indicate that this process must be repeated several times, depending on the medication you have taken. For methamphetamine, for example, you only have to do it once, whereas if you have used cocaine, you have to repeat the process ten times. Therefore, the manufacturer advises you to use an online consultation to determine the method to be used effectively.

In general, we sincerely believe that razor-shaped hair shampoo will not help you pass the drug test for your hair. The purifying claim turns out to be false, the patented formula contains unknown ingredients and we haven’t found a single warm opinion about this brand in the hairdressing community. Purchase is not recommended.

Friend of total detoxification

Like Hair Razor, Total Detox Friend is a shampoo of dubious quality and we have come to the conclusion that it is not worth the time or the money.

We want to collect data before we test the product and at the time of our investigation all parts of the information relating to thismark appeared to be legitimate. On their website it says that the shampoo has been developed by three forensic experts with more than 15 years of experience in this field. All information on the professionally designed website has proven to be competent and reliable.

Until they declare that Total Detox Friend effectively cleanses your body of mercury poisoning, which would make this shampoo a new medical discovery.

Mercury poisoning – a serious disease with severe neurological, cardiovascular and reproductive consequences. The removal of mercury from a living organism is a complex procedure that may require surgery and intensive care.

After encountering such statements, we decided to look for clues in the stoner community where we could not find the words of the evaluation. Despite the fact that most websites praise Total Detox Friend, the user experience is different, with more than a lot of negative opinions and bad reviews.

Due to the poor reputation of this brand among hairdressers and drug addicts, MedSignals generally discourages the use of this product if you try to do a drug test on your hair. It is a low quality product with aggressive advertising. Purchase is not recommended.

How to test hair follicle medicines within 24 hours

If you have little time, these two structured methods can detox your hair in record time for a hair follicle test. Both methods are very effective and the risk of failure of a drug test is low. These are a few steps you need to perform and repeat to effectively remove toxins from your hair in order to perform a drug test in your hair.

Macujo method

The Macujo method is a seven-step method with a total of four products:

The first step is to moisturise your hair before you massage your scalp with Heinz vinegar. A little damp hair distributes the vinegar better and more evenly over the hair. Massage it into the scalp and keep the vinegar away from the eyes. The use of glasses is strongly recommended to prevent chemicals from getting into the eyes.

Then add clear and clean shampoo to the mixture and massage it into the scalp. This can easily burn your scalp . Wipe off excess chemicals from your hair and clean all exposed areas of the skin, such as ears, eyebrows and forehead. Put on a shower cap and let it rest for about half an hour.

The third step is to remove the shower cap in 30 minutes and wash the hair thoroughly with plenty of warm water. Then wash and rinse twicewith Old Style Aloe Rid Detoxifying Shampoo.

After performing all of the above steps, use a small amount of Tide Liquid to wash it. Wash thoroughly with plenty of warm water and then use a conditioner.

For best results, it is important to repeat this procedure at least once more. You should also select the Home Remedy Test Kit available from TestClear to ensure that the cleaning has worked and that you are tested for medication in the laboratory.

Jerry G method

The Jerry G method is slightly different and much harder on your hair, but it is an affordable option (if you only use the Ultra Clean shampoo). It consists of different phases with five different products.

First the hair is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and dyed to its natural dye with a permanent dye containing ammonia.

Second, you have to repeat the first step in ten days. If you are in your hair within 24 hours of taking a drug test, repeat this step immediately. Wash your hair thoroughly after each step with Toxin Rid shampoo (recommended).

The last step is the day of the doping control and the hair has to be washed with soda paste. Wash the pasta with Toxin Rid detox shampoo and then rinse with Zydot Ultra Clean.

The Mecujo and Jerry G methods are both very effective cleaning methods for testing hair follicles. However, they are also very intrusive and damages your hair. It is important that you exercise extreme caution when using these methods because they contain potentially toxic chemicals.

Drug thresholds for hair follicles

The 5-site hair follicle test is the most common hair follicle test performed in the laboratory. The panel number, in this case five, indicates the number of drug classes determined by the hair follicle test. Before you do a hair test in the laboratory, you can test yourself with the test kit for at home. In most cases these are drug tests on the hair:


Amphetamines include amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), MDA and MDEA, also known as Eva. Amphetamines usually come in the form of crystals, pieces of white to light yellow powder, with the exception of ecstasy, which comes in pill form. For amphetamines, both the display stop and the fixation stop are 300 pg/mg.


For phenixidine or PCP the limit values are 300 pg/mg. This substance was used for surgical procedures in the 1950s because of its transverse calming and analgesic properties. However, it also has a high level of undesirable side effects.


Cocaine is a stimulant, usually distributed as a white powder, often diluted with amphetamines to increase its quantity and addictive power. The metabolites are benzoylectonin, coke and norkocaine with cut-off values of 500 pg/mg.


Marijuana (THC and its metabolites) is a psychoactive substance that changes consciousness. It is a product of the cannabis plant, which contains more than 400 chemical compounds and is one of the most commonly used drugs. The main psychoactive substance is THC, and all drug tests, including the hair follicle test, detect THC metabolites in hair samples. The limit values for traces of THC are 1 pg/mg for the screening level and 0.10 pg/mg for the confirmation level.


Opiates include a wide range of drugs including morphine, heroin, oxycodone and many others. Morphine and codeine are opiates derived from poppies, which are usually prescription painkillers. Heroin is a highly addictive drug derived from morphine that affects the brain’s pleasure system. Often prescribed painkillers are oxycodone, hydrocodone and hydromorphone. The opiates of the opiate family have a cut-off level of 200 pg/mg.

Limit values for products tested with a 5-field capillary test :

Drugs Cut off the screen Deactivate Confirmation
Amphetamines 300 pg/mg 300 pg/mg
PKP 300 pg/mg 300 pg/mg
Cocaine 500 pg/mg 500 pg/mg
THC 1 pg/mg 0,10 pg/mg
Opiates 200 pg/mg 200 pg/mg


There are many questions about testing for medication and detergents in the hair follicles that can help you. We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions:

How far does a hair follicle test go to detect drug use?

Medical metabolites can stay in your hair for a very long time, more than 90 days. This means that the test can show a history of drug use in recent years, depending on hair length and growth rate. However, to take a sample, the lab only takes about 1.5 centimeters of hair from the scalp, which corresponds to about 90 days of hair growth. In other words, the lab will use a hair follicle test to find signs of drug use in the last 90 days.

How can I be tested on my hair products using home remedies or natural remedies?

The internet is flooded with home remedies and natural cleaning methods that would pass the hair follicle test. These methods include shaving, cutting the hair, dyeing the hair, washing with vinegar, lemon juice, detergent and baking soda. Unfortunately, none of these methods are suitable for drug screening because they do not have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft properly and expel THC metabolites from the hair. Using one of these two do-it-yourself methods as a hair detoxifier results only in failed hair drug tests, and both known do-it-yourself methods are likely to be successful when it comes to cleansing the hair. Both methods, the Macujo method and the Jerry G method, were assessed very well and are well structured. These are the only two do-it-yourself methods that have enough power to wash the drug metabolites out of your hair properly and make it possible to test the drugs.

How do we count the results of the tests on the hair follicles?

When you receive the results sheet, it is important that you know how to read it. At the top of the document is the identification number of the sample, as well as the date of collection and the date of the hair sample. Below is a table with the data on the tested drugs and a positive or negative result for each of these drugs. You will also see a detection limit, which indicates the thresholds of the first test used to detect the presence of drugs. In addition, you will see a cut-off level control screen that shows the GC/MS cut-off levels that confirm the test. It should be noted that positive results indicate that the identified medicinal product has higher concentrations than those reported on confirmation at the limit.

How do I perform a hairbrush test for CPS?

Drugs and drug use are still prohibited by federal law. Regardless of the legislation in force in your country, child protection considers the use of drugs by a member of a child’s family as a dangerous environment for the child. Based on this fact alone, the CPS can remove a child from a hazardous environment. If you are a drug lover, take the CPS seriously, because it will take care of your child if it deems it necessary. Remember that a CPS employee has the legal right to ask you to do a drug test for your hair, which you can refuse. Although the refusal to submit to a drug test is not a reason to deport a child, it can have negative consequences. However, if a CPS employee comes with a court order, you are legally required to take a drug test of your choice. The preparation for the CPS hair test is the same as for any other hair test. Be careful with the CPS, because you’ll be convicted as a suspect.

How much does a drug test cost her?

The price of a hair follicle test varies from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Hair follicles are more accurate than urine tests and therefore more expensive. The second factor affecting price is the drug panel; more extensive tests are generally more expensive. And the third factor is the application of the test, and depends on whether it is a home drug test kit or a laboratory test, which will have a significant impact on the price. Home-test kits are generally more affordable and, although rare, they can give false positives due to the test infection. Given this choice, it is important to opt for increasingly complete and accurate laboratory tests.

Can I use the head lice treatment to get tested?

Anti-lice shampoos are an effective way to kill lice and eliminate the plague of lice in your hair. The ingredients in these hair and scalp products paralyze and kill lice with a variety of natural insecticides such as pyrethrin. Since most of these products are only effective once, a repeated process of ten days is needed to kill all the lice that might have survived. Recently, the rumor circulated in cigarette smoking community forums that anti-lice shampoos are effective in detoxifying her. Not all scientific research supports these claims, and we are not convinced that head lice treatment can act as a detoxifying agent for hair. We strongly recommend that you use suitable detoxifying products to clean your hair.

Can a relaxer help you get tested for hair medication?

Yeah, maybe, but only up to a point. Irons or straighteners are mainly used by African-American women to smooth their hair. Hair straighteners influence the stability of the active ingredients in your hair and their concentration is significantly reduced after just one use. The influence of hair relaxants on the stability of product compositions has been studied and confirmed by scientific studies. They affect all metabolites of the product, with the exception of THC, which is known to be difficult to remove from the hair strands. It is highly recommended to combine straightening methamphetamines with a high quality detox shampoo to remove marijuana from the hair. Please note that the effects have been observed in the test tube and its use in real life has not been scientifically proven.


Hair detoxification shampoos – The correct answer to question is: How can we be tested for the presence of drugs in hair follicles?. We strongly recommend the use of Aloe Reed Old Style Detoxifying Shampoo with Zydot Ultra Clean, because they are effective, high quality hair detoxifying products that complement each other perfectly.

If you want to undergo a hair detox test within 24 hours or less, there are two structured detoxification procedures: the Makujo method and the Jerry G method. Both wash your hair well from toxins, but not without risk. Although these methods are very effective for drug testing, they can cause permanent damage to hair.

We strongly recommend that you avoid all untested do-it-yourself products and methods, as they are not only ineffective, but can also be harmful to your health.

Aloe Reed and Ultra Clean are only for sale at TestClear, because TestClear is the only approved supplier of Old Style (which is almost everywhere out of stock).

They also offer free support and warranty for their customers.

If you use the button below and apply the TESTCLEAR10 coupon, you will receive a coupon until the 28th day of the month. May 2020: a 10% discount on every order.

4 Ways How to Test a Hair Drug (Follicle Sample)

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