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5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

Isn’t your summer body ready yet? Wouldn’t that stubborn taillevet ever be lost? You tried a lot of diets that weren’t as effective as you thought, don’t worry, we were all there.

How about a few exercises that will help you lose abdominal fat in a week! An effective solution is needed to keep the body in good condition during a coronavirus pandemic. Read on to find the most effective exercises that will enable you to burn abdominal fat quickly and help you get the flat, smooth belly you need. If you don’t like exercise, you can try simpler methods of weight loss, but if you use only these alternative methods, you will get slower results.

Abdominal fat loss exercises for week

1- High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is probably the quickest and most effective way to lose some abdominal fat. So, what’s HIIT? And how can it help you reduce abdominal fat? In short, HIIT is an intensive training phase of short duration, usually no longer than 30 minutes, with short recovery periods. The duration depends on your condition, a typical HIIT session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

Although the HIIT session may seem too short, it is a difficult kind of exercise that requires a high level of motivation to maintain a coherent program.

During your HIIT session, your goal is to keep your Vmax. To know whether or not you’ve reached Vmax, it’s right when you can’t breathe enough air your body needs. You can also measure it by the inability to have a conversation without problems.

A high intensity of training is very effective in increasing metabolism, which leads to an increase in fat burning.

HIIT Exercises Home

  • Hamburger

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

  1. Begin to stand
  2. Put your hands up, squat down.
  3. Bring your legs back into the board position while keeping your arms straight and then immediately bring your legs back into the squat position.
  4. Get up out of your squat.
  • Mountaineer

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

  1. Start with the normal position of the board.
  2. Pull your right knee into your chest.
  3. Change quickly and remove the opposite knee.
  4. Repeat the above steps continuously.
  • Weapons boards

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

It’s the same as normal boards, but with a forearm on the ground.

  • Triceps dive

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

  1. Place your hands on the sofa, chair, or other object above the floor, shoulder-width apart.
  2. Push your hips out of the chair with your legs in front of you.
  3. Keep your hands straight and bend your elbows a little.
  4. Bend your elbows to lower your body.
  5. Reach the lower part of the movement and then return to the starting position by lifting your arms.
  6. Repeat the above steps continuously.
  • Version

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

  1. Start in the upright position.
  2. Move one leg forward and lower the hips until both knees are bent at almost 90 degrees.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the other foot.
  4. Repeat the above steps continuously.
  • Work on site

It’s an easy race, but in your place it’s at a higher speed.

  • Jumping jacks

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

  1. Stand up straight with your hands on your thighs.
  2. Open your arms and legs to the side, with your legs wider than your shoulders and your arms higher than your head.
  3. Repeat the above steps continuously.

How often should you do this?

It is recommended to do HIIT exercises 4 times a week, one session should take about 25 minutes for maximum reduction of abdominal fat, if it is too much for you, 3 times a week is enough. But 4x is the optimal speed for faster fat burning.

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

2- Bicycles

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

If you can’t train with high loads due to joint or other health problems, cycling is the ideal exercise to get rid of abdominal fat! Unlike weightlifting or other intensive exercises, you don’t need a professional trainer when you’re cycling, most of us already know how to cycle and that’s all you need.

In just half an hour you will burn 80 to 650 calories, depending on a number of factors such as weight, metabolic rate and other factors.

How often should you do this?

To maximize the efficiency of fat burning in the abdomen, it takes about 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week to cycle. This may sound a little complicated, but believe me, it’s worth it.

3. Works, never gets old.

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

You never had a bike and you didn’t want to learn how to ride? No pressure, there are other effective exercises to reduce abdominal fat, such as running. Although walking or jogging is also good for weight loss, you should start running to reduce abdominal fat at the right pace.

How often should you do this?

Minimum training speed to professionally burn fat by walking at least 4 times a week, each time at a speed of at least 2 miles per hour, in order to achieve rapid abdominal fat reduction in a short time.

At a speed of about 6 miles per hour, a woman with an average weight of 150 pounds burns about 500 calories for 45 minutes while running. This ensures good fat burning, which will certainly help you achieve your flat belly goal.

You can now take advantage of a direct 65% discount on your metabolic cookbook and access to +250 simple recipes.

4- Swimming

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

Swimming burns calories of course, there are so many! When you swim, almost every muscle in your body moves from your head to the tips of your toes. Swimming certainly brings you back to a healthy level.

In addition to its great contribution to reducing abdominal fat, it also has a positive effect on the endurance of the cardiovascular system, especially in the elderly. Other health benefits associated with swimming include a significant reduction in the risk of chronic diseases such as strokes and heart disease.

Species to be treated.

  • Butterfly

Burns about 450 calories in 30 minutes of swimming. Its main function is to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, abdomen and back. Their only disadvantage is the difficulty of assimilating them.

  • Roller shutter

Burns nearly 300 calories in 30 minutes of swimming. It is considered one of the best movements when it comes to strengthening the back muscles.

  • Direction of travel reversal

Its burning rate reaches 250 calories in 30 minutes of swimming. This is good for office workers because it improves hip flexibility.

  • Breaststroke

The average burning rate is 200 calories per 30 minutes of swimming. Strengthens the heart by strengthening the hamstrings and lower legs. For most people, this is the simplest of the slander mentioned above.

How often should you do this?

As said, swimming is a concrete exercise to reduce abdominal fat, but how long does it take to get the most out of it during the week? You should swim at least 4 times a week, each time for about 30-45 minutes or 25-30 laps. Pay attention: A round must be 50 meters long, if it is 25 meters, then you pass 50-60 circles in one go.

It may seem overwhelming, but if you follow these tips, you will surely fall in love with your new uniform. You can try a combination of different strokes in one heat so that your body does not adapt to a particular stroke, which will reduce fat burning with that stroke in the long run.

5- Beginning of the ascent… Heavier than…

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

If you don’t like strength training, you need to add something to your training program. But if you’re already a weightlifter, well, you have to get up and start raising the weights!

What for? Specialists have proven that Kettlebell lift increases metabolism and effectively burns fat, although it is not a short-term abdominal fat loss, but to maintain a healthy shape after getting rid of excess abdominal fat, you should start doing it in addition to the other cardio workouts mentioned above.

How often should you do this?

Personally, I train four times a week, and it works very well for me. Others tend to go to the gym almost every day, with one or two weekends for muscle recovery.

It all depends on what kind of program you do and how you want to get rid of that abdominal fat. As a general rule, you should not train the same muscle for two days in a row. For a good recovery of the muscles you should take at least two days rest.

Other factors to consider

Exercise alone will never be enough to achieve your rapid weight loss goals. Of course this plays a big role, but there are other factors to consider if you want to maximize abdominal fat loss in a week. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Good eating habits

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

It makes no sense that a good diet or eating plan is a prerequisite for achieving your goals of reducing the fat content in your stomach. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of protein-rich foods and foods containing viscous fibres will certainly help. If you know exactly what weight loss foods and snacks to eat, it will also help you. In addition, there are hundreds of calorie tracking applications that you can try to keep track of your daily calorie intake.

I never thought I’d see so much water on this list… Indeed, yes! If you drink a lot of water, you will eat less, especially if you drink before meals. Reducing the amount of soft drinks and replacing them with water will also be a big step forward in the long term. According to the study, drinking about half a litre of water before each meal can significantly reduce the calorie intake during the day.

As mentioned above, a diet must be followed. However, you can use some detoxification methods to increase your weight loss without following a strict diet. What do you mean? Through a program called Red Tea Detoxification.

Stop sleeping

On average, 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day are needed to prevent the growth of stress hormones. A hormone called ghrelin is responsible for sending signals to the brain that you need to eat. If you don’t get enough sleep, the ghrelin level increases, leading to an increased feeling of hunger throughout the day.

What now?

5 Belly Fat Loss Exercises in 1 Week

In the meantime, you should ask yourself which of the above exercises you should do in order to achieve a maximum reduction in abdominal fat in one week. Honestly, it’s not easy to do it in such a short time, but it’s quite possible.

According to the study, a 30-45 minute exercise works for the daily workout. This is an average value that varies depending on your age, gender, etc. Your training program can consist of any combination of the above exercises.

For example, you can start an HIIT session for 15 minutes and another 30 minutes of swimming, or you can be a cyclist and then cycle for 45 minutes. It’s all up to you, as long as you don’t move too much, which might not be good for your health.

A very important aspect not only depends on physical activity, but you also need to keep a close eye on your diet and sleep patterns. Every detail of your daily routine needs to be taken into account to achieve the best abdominal fat reduction in a week and maintain your favorite look.

Maintaining a high metabolic rate is also a way to achieve your goal of weight loss and get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the Responses section below. I hope you found this article useful.



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