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7 Best Leg and Foot Massagers for the 2020 Circulation

The leg is one of the most stressed parts of the body, but for most people it is the most underestimated. When was the last time you had a pedicure? Oh, wait, that’s too much to ask. When was the last time you needed at least 10 minutes to wash your feet and wash them thoroughly?

Yeah, stop scratching your head. And no, don’t lie.

We understand that with a busy schedule and full days to run, it can be too much to ask. But leg care has a lot more advantages than you can imagine. If you are one of those people who spend long hours on their feet and feel all kinds of sensations and fatigue, discomfort and even pain at the end of the day, buy one of the best foot masks for circulation.

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Go directly to research section

A foot massager relieves this pain, relaxes you, improves the blood circulation in your feet and legs and restores your mood. For that part of your body that you can travel around the world four times in your life, you have more than enough reason to invest in all the equipment you can use to take care of it. Here you will find more information about the functioning of leg and foot masks. We also included a buying guide and an overview of some of the best foot and circulation massagers.

How do leg and foot masks affect blood circulation?

The aim of any form of massage is to improve blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system. In the same way, the foot massage machine works by stimulating the blood and lymph circulation in the legs by means of airbags. This pressure reduces fluid accumulation and tension in the legs, tongs and even the thighs. This promotes good blood circulation and helps the muscles to relax.

The device is usually wrapped around the legs, feet, knees and thighs, just like a high, tight boot. The airbags are inflated with the manual controller to exert pressure on the muscles. You can adjust the pressure level with low, medium and high intensity. You can also opt for a fast or slow intermittent massage. When the legs are compressed, pressure is exerted on them and the accumulated fluid is expelled from the cells of the legs and feet. This ensures a good flow. In addition, when pressure is applied, endorphins are released into the cells to relieve pain. Endorphins are a natural painkiller produced by the body.

What are the benefits of foot and circulatory massage?

Leg and foot masks have many advantages. They are mandatory for athletes, seniors, sports coaches and interns, but also for those who train a lot.  These are mainly people with increased physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle and difficulties to move around. They are also ideal for people suffering from conditions such as swelling, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps and varicose veins. Finally, if you notice that your feet and calves are sore, there is a high risk of fluid accumulation or poor blood circulation in the lower body. These masseurs work to improve blood circulation to relieve pain and reduce painful sensations.

A foot massage can also quickly relieve stiff legs, tingling and pins and needles, swollen feet, aching legs and relaxation after a long and tiring day.

Purchasing guide

Amazon has tons of foot masks, making it even harder to decide which one is best for you. In this section we will therefore inform you about the most important features to consider when purchasing a foot massager, how they will affect your experience, but especially how to find the right massager for your needs.


Of course, foot masks are never as wearable as you’d like, but several crucial factors can make this trick easy. Massage appliances shall be light enough to be moved at least from one room to another.


For the simple fact that each foot massage machine has its own design, the manufacturers have developed two types of plans.

closed version

Today they have become very popular on the market. The design works on pain in the soles and sides of the legs. They are easy to handle and can be operated remotely, especially for people who have difficulty bending forward.

Open design

The product is light and portable, so it is quiet enough not to attract attention. That is why a lot of attention has to be paid to the design and style of the masseur. Some designs are too complex and make their application so difficult.

Weight and size

The design of most massagers is suitable for many users, but this does not guarantee that everyone can fit into their own device. And because size is largely a determining factor for the user, it is important that there are calf wraps that can accommodate large feet for all sizes. So that everyone in your family can use it.


The stability of the massager depends more or less on its construction.  Therefore, when choosing the design of the massager, make sure that there is some rubber in the foot area to prevent slipping or sliding, especially during a massage session. In addition, some models have adjustable feet that allow you to easily adjust the height of the device to the desired level.


This is another important aspect of the product because it determines how much the feet and legs will enjoy the process at the same time. The stimulator must therefore be designed for both ankle and foot. You can also use a massager for your calves, feet and ankles, as these are versatile.


The prices of the product range depend on the different characteristics. Foot masks generally fall within a certain price range, so it is advisable to choose a decent foot massage that suits your needs and budget.

Best leg and foot massage machines for circulation 2020

#1 Fast recovery system Restart

The most remarkable feature of this great massager is that it has 10 pressure settings, which means it can relieve any severe pain or tension. You can also choose the setting for a quick stool massage or an interrupted massage, which is ideal for slow relaxation. We also appreciated the fact that we could set the cameras to blow up and the cameras not to blow up. This works very well if you only want to massage certain areas.

The Rapid Reboot comes with a two year warranty and is equipped with a control pump with adjustable parameters to meet different massage requirements. They are available in specific sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), making them suitable for users of different sizes. And the best part is that it’s very easy to set up and use and comes with a soft case for easy travel when you need it. It is the best foot massage for poor circulation, it has an almost immediate effect on blood circulation.


  • Enables a massage of points
  • The installation is not complicated.
  • Adjustable pressure adjustment
  • Supplied with a soft case


  • The price isn’t necessarily a penny for most people…

#2 Approximate Royal Foot Air Massager

The FIT KING Air Foot Massager for Foot and Caviar Circulation is another massager that is highly recommended for excellent relief of muscle pain, tension and fatigue in people suffering from restless leg syndrome, varicose veins, swelling and ankle injuries. It is ideal for leg and calf massage. The airbag in the stimulator compresses the foot and calf muscles from bottom to top for better blood circulation. This relieves pain and muscle tension.

This massager has 2 positions and 3 intensities, which can be controlled by a manual regulator located on the side of the massager. The 2 massage modes include 10 massage techniques for a better feeling of massage. Let’s just say you’re spoiled because you chose that massage therapist. If you are worried about the size, you can rest assured that the foot and foot guards are adjustable for different sizes of feet and legs. No need to buy two stimulators, one and the same stimulator can be used by your whole family. Finally, it should be noted that the user manual is very detailed and available in 5 different languages.


  • Easy to transport.
  • Large adjustable reel sizes
  • Made of high quality materials to ensure durability
  • Has a 20 minute automatic shutdown
  • Gauze bag for free storage


  • The manual may be too heavy to read and difficult to understand.

#3 FIT KING foot and leg massager

The main difference between this FIT KING foot massager and the previously examined foot massager is the number of modes and intensity. It has 3 modes and 3 intensities (10 massage techniques to choose from), making it more effective in relieving fatigue and pain and improving circulation. Another difference is that this FIT KING massager has a hip height. It has 3 cells for massaging the feet, calves and hips. It is ideal for athletes, training enthusiasts, the elderly and people suffering from varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. This leads to almost immediate relief and rapid recovery.

This massager can be used by the whole family because it has large, adjustable envelopes. It can hold up to 28.5 inches of calves. You can use it anywhere, whether at the office or at home, or go on holiday with it. It is lightweight and comes with a stylish carrying bag.


  • 3 massage intensities for maximum illumination
  • It’s easy to move.
  • Large adjustable calf size
  • Variety of massage techniques


  • People with more than 6 2 legs may have difficulty using it because they cannot reach the upper part that covers the knee.

#4 RENPHO foot massager – air compression for circulation and relaxation

This RENPHO foot massage machine is equipped with a manual control unit allowing you to choose between 3 modes and different planes (for legs, calves and hips) for a comfortable and extremely relaxing massage. It is equipped with an automatic shut-off system that stops every 15 minutes. Thanks to this integrated function, your safety is guaranteed, even if you sleep with your feet on the stimulator.

This InvoSpa foot massage machine is equipped with fully adjustable straps with extensions that can easily be adjusted to any size and intensity. Suitable for calves up to 26 inches. In fact, it can adapt to anyone, regardless of the size of their legs.


  • Safe to use, even for the elderly
  • He can stand on very long legs.
  • Can be operated manually
  • 3 x 3 settings


  • The price may seem moderate to most people.

#5 Amzdal Foot Massager for Circulating Calves

This amzdeal foot massager stands out for many reasons. In the first place, its design is what we would call a high goal. Secondly, the performance is commendable due to the innovative heating function, which quickly relieves pain, stress, fatigue and pressure. This massager uses a high quality cotton fabric for heating, which allows a fast, stable and balanced heating.

In addition, you can choose between 3 intensity levels that are sufficient for most, if not all, of your massage needs. And the great thing is you can use it on your legs, calves and hands.


  • Adjustable packaging size
  • Has a heating function for fast recovery
  • A variety of comfortable massage techniques


  • It is delicate and needs to be treated properly.

#6 iVOLCONNN foot massager with heat for blood circulation and relaxation

iVOLCONN offers three intensity modes and six modes for a full massage. And with the heating function, which has a high temperature of 120 ℉ (49 ℃), you get even better circulation and faster assistance. Because the heat is only on the underside of the sole, you are slowly lifted up and get a pleasant relaxation. This product has an adjustable wrap size that easily fits through the Velcro closure, so it fits comfortably over your calves and legs. Although the calf circumference (12 to 18.8 inches) is smaller than the others we examined, it still corresponds to a fairly large leg.

It contains 2 x 3 airbags, which are responsible for massaging the calves and feet. It also has a built-in automatic shutdown system and an overheat protection function to ensure your safety.


  • Adjustable size of the foot shell
  • Variety of massage modes
  • Protection against overheating


  • It takes a long time to feel the heat because it’s right under the sole…

#7 Amzdeal foot massager for blood circulation in the thighs

This Amzdeal massager, made of high quality fabric and with adjustable Velcro fasteners, reaches up to the thigh and provides maximum relief and relaxation. It comes with 3 intensities with maximum controllability and a maximum pressure of 450 mm Hg. The massager has a very neat manual operation with on/off menu buttons and intensity indications (red, yellow and green). The built-in lithium battery can operate for up to 2 hours and should be recharged within 3 to 4 hours.

The device is highly efficient, safe and FDA certified. And it comes with an 18-month warranty. The package includes a controller, two massage bracelets and a power supply unit.


  • Quality of durable materials
  • Rechargeable and wireless
  • Certified by the FDA


  • The installation can be difficult for new users and the instructions are too complicated.


In this overview we have reduced the best options for foot massage and foot massage for the blood circulation. All these options are very effective, safe to use, easy to set up, made of high quality fabrics and highly recommended by previous users. Every product you buy guarantees you an excellent massage. Your complaints about tiredness, pain and tension in your legs and feet will disappear for a long time.



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