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9 Best Shopping Carts with the Elderly 2020 Wheels

With age, simple tasks become boring. Shopping becomes particularly difficult for the elderly, because the shopping trolleys are not designed to meet the different needs of users. That’s why today’s carts are designed with the needs of the elderly in mind. These trolleys carry a large weight of items without weighing users down. A variety of features contribute to this, including soft wheels, ergonomic handles and lightweight structures that support the weight of the luggage. These carts are very versatile and can be used to transport food, linen, garden tools, office equipment and picnic equipment.

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In this article we look at some factors we should consider before buying a shopping cart for older users. We will also look at some of the best value-for-money senior carts on the market so you can choose from a wide range of options.

Purchasing guide


Equipment for the transport of elderly people must be designed both for long-term use and for carrying a large amount of luggage. It must be rustproof to withstand different weather conditions and must also be lightweight so as not to overload the user. Most trolleys are made of high quality aluminium or stainless steel. This gives them the ability to be light and strong and they can be used for a long period of time without bending or breaking.

Wheel type

The wheels are important because they provide the necessary support to carry the weight. The wheels can be made of high quality plastic or metal, identical to the bodywork. Make sure that the plastic wheel trolley does not burst when crushed. Wheels with a rubber casing are also good because they easily roll over different surfaces such as tiles, grass, earth, concrete and gravel. The rubber housing also protects the floors from damage caused by the weight of the luggage.

The wheels must be designed in such a way that they are easy to manoeuvre. The caster wheels are important to make turning easier when working with the trolley. The wheels should also allow easy climbing and descending of the stairs without shifting the full weight of the wagon onto the user.

Handle design

The handle must be designed for user comfort. It is preferable to use a soft handle as it protects the user from injuries that may occur when pulling the trolley with bare metal handles. Some wagons are manufactured with plastic handles and in order to prevent them from breaking, it must be ensured that the recommended weight is placed on the wagon. The pen also needs to be adapted to the different users. Most trolleys are equipped with retractable handles that can be adjusted by the individual user according to his or her size. Other trolleys come with an optional handle attached to the original to meet the needs of higher users.

Fabric bags

Since many carts are made of frames and metal bars, items can be damaged by sudden changes in temperature. That’s why fabric bags are the saviour. They are waterproof to protect your objects. To ensure waterproofness, the bags must be made of canvas or other synthetic materials. It is important that the fabric bag is removable and washable, so that odours do not affect the contents of the car, especially not the food. A good fabric bag is very durable and can withstand any kind of use without having to be replaced for a long time. If a bag needs to be replaced, it is important that the replacement is easy to find and affordable.

Order Wheeled Trolleys for Seniors 2020

#1 Beebeerun folding trailer

This foldable shopping trolley has an anti-corrosion aluminium exterior, so it can be used for a long time. It can carry up to 177 pounds of objects without bending. The trolley has a washable tarpaulin bag that can be used on rainy days because it is waterproof and protects your belongings. It can also be removed for washing. The three-wheeled rear construction makes it easy to get up and down the stairs, even when the car is loaded. The front wheels can be rotated 360 degrees for easy turning. The wheels are sturdy and suitable for all types of terrain, whether gravel, concrete or even mud and grass.

The Beebeerun folding trailer tent can be pulled by means of a reinforced handle, which can also be turned. There is a handle attached that increases the length of the handle and is suitable for tall people.


  •  Robust aluminium frame for durability
  •  Truck up to 177 pounds
  •  Spherical wheels to facilitate climbing stairs
  •  Removable waterproof canvas bag
  •  Reinforced handle for superior users


  • Size may be too small for larger objects

#2 Shaofu Staircase Car

The Chaofu stair trailer is made of strong aluminium metal, which makes it very durable. You can carry items weighing up to 177 pounds. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, making it suitable for use in all weather conditions. The car is also foldable, which makes it easier to store, whether in the trunk of the car or in a closet at home. It comes with a removable and washable Oxford fabric bag that is waterproof and fits into the trolley to protect its contents on rainy days. The handle of the trolley is reinforced and covered with an easy to handle material. It is adjustable and can therefore be extended to a comfortable height, even for tall users.

The rear wheels are designed in such a way that the car can be pulled backwards when it is lifted up the stairs. The front wheels can swivel up to 360 degrees, making them very versatile and easy to turn, even in the narrow aisles of supermarkets.


  • Heavyweight can carry up to 177 pounds.
  • Folding
  • Has a detachable bag made of waterproof fabric
  • Universal – suitable for users of different heights
  • Easy to use


  • The fabric bag does not have a lid to protect the contents from rain.

#3 Tomser folding trailer

This foldable trolley has a stainless steel frame that gives it great durability and makes it possible to carry up to 70 pounds without bending or breaking. The floor of the car is reinforced to prevent it from collapsing when the car is full. This trolley is equipped with an ergonomic handle that protects the user and makes it easy to pull, regardless of the weight attached to it. The pen is equipped with an extension cord to satisfy larger users, but smaller users can also choose the original pen.

Tomser’s foldable trolley comes with a removable, waterproof fabric bag to protect the contents from the elements. It has extra pockets that can hold more objects than the others. The wheels of this trolley are impregnated with high quality rubber, making them both durable and quiet. The wheels are equipped with a three-wheel mechanism that makes it possible to pedal easily without injuring the user.

The trolley is foldable, making it easy to transport and store, even in confined spaces.


  • Rubber wheels for floor protection
  • Grid
  • Folding
  • Extra pockets for extra items
  • Ergonomic handle that adapts to the height of the user


  • The plastic wheels and handle can break if they are too heavy.

#4 Supenis SN7504 durable folding basket

This portable basket is designed to be easy to use for any user. The trolley is easy to mount, the user only has to mount the wheels and axles. The wheels are equipped with a button that can be pressed to install them, saving assembly time. The trolley is also easy to fold and store, which makes it very mobile.

The Supenice folding basket has a double basket design with two different storage baskets for maximum storage space while shopping. The cart can comfortably carry up to 66 pounds of product without bending or tearing. The trolley is light and does not burden the user, even when fully loaded.

The wheels are sturdy and covered with rubber so that they can roll easily. The front wheels can be swivelled and allow the trolley to rotate easily, even in confined spaces. The handle is fully retractable and ergonomically shaped. It is covered with soft foam in the grip area to protect the user. The material is non-slip and absorbs perspiration, making it easy to use.


  • Easy to install and therefore time-saving.
  • Easy to move.
  • Foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Double basket construction, suitable for different items
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle


  • There is no bag in the car to protect objects from the weather.

#5 Roya updated folding basket

The improved Th Royi basket is designed for older users to ensure maximum comfort during use. It is made of high quality stainless steel, which can withstand all tough conditions. The trolley is easy to assemble, with simple instructions that require no tools. The frames are stable and do not bend despite the objects placed in them. Thanks to its three-wheel construction, this trolley can be pulled up and down easily and without stress for the user. In this way the elderly are protected, no matter what they wear.

A detachable fabric bag protects the contents of the trolley from the weather. The bag is environmentally friendly and can be washed to keep the contents clean and odourless. The handle of the trolley has a pull-out extension that can be used by tall people.


  • Foldable for easy storage and portability
  • Robust stainless steel frame for durability
  • Waterproof fabric bag to protect the contents against atmospheric influences
  • It’s easy to drive up the stairs…
  • Expandable handle for more experienced users


  • The stand has no locking mechanism and the trolley can move independently during loading.

#6 Tuoman Portable Service Vehicle

This portable food trolley is made of high quality stainless steel, strong and durable, and allows you to carry its contents up to 177 pounds without damage. It comes with a removable and washable fabric bag that can be used separately from the trolley. This bag protects objects, especially the smallest ones, from falling into bars. The trolley has a foldable frame that can be converted into a transport trolley for large objects such as cans and water bottles. The handle is ergonomically shaped and covered with a soft foam material that protects the user’s hand from injuries during pulling and pushing. The handle can also be extended for older users.

The rear wheels are three-wheeled, so you can easily go up and down the stairs. This means that the car can be used by the elderly and even by people in wheelchairs. The front wheels can be swivelled and allow quick and easy turning, even in narrow aisles.


  •  Easy mobility for climbing stairs
  •  Folding frame for transforming the trolley into a trolley for large objects –
  •  Ergonomic handle that can be extended for older users
  •  Durable and durable


  •  Compared to other cars it has a low capacity.

#7 Best Product Choice Portable Delivery Trolley

This versatile portable trolley, with which you can choose the best products, is made of powder coated stainless steel. This material increases the durability of the trolley and makes it possible to hold up to 220 pounds of items without folding or tearing. He can carry a lot of things in his big basket. There is also another basket included, which may contain small items such as wallets while shopping. The trolley is lightweight, which makes it suitable for the user who is constantly on the move. The front wheels are small and can be rotated 360 degrees for a quick turn. The rear wheels have been widened and make it easier to climb stairs.

The car can be folded up, making it easier to transport and store, even in tight spaces such as under car seats. The handle is made of soft foam, which ensures user comfort even at maximum payload.


  • Can carry up to 220 pounds of articles.
  • Swivel castors for fast cornering
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle for user comfort
  • Folded for better portability and storage


  • It does not come with a waterproof bag to protect the contents of the basket.

#8 Hoppa light basket

Hoppa’s lightweight trolley is available in different colours to suit the tastes of its many users. It is made of durable, high quality materials to ensure long-term use without destruction. It’s light and can hold up to 75 pounds of luggage without breaking. The wheels of this trolley fit together for easy installation. They are made of high quality rubber and are easy to roll. It is also equipped with an ejection bracket to keep the trolley still, even when it is loaded. The car can be folded almost flat, so it can be easily stored and transported in the car.

The handle of the trolley is ergonomically designed for user comfort. This trolley is equipped with a detachable bag in the form of a totalizer, the colour of which corresponds to the colour of the wheels chosen by the user. The bag is made of high quality polyester, which is waterproof and tear resistant, so it can be used for various purposes. The bag is equipped with a belt and a flap to protect the contents inside.


  • Light
  • Removable and easy to assemble wheels
  • Easy installation
  • Folded to improve portability
  • Ergonomic stretch handle for comfort


  • The upper apartment doesn’t stay nearby because it doesn’t have a mechanism that looks like a Velcro fastening.

#9 Shopping cart for the best products

Designed for long-term use, this cart is made of lightweight material that can hold up to 150 pounds of luggage without bending or injuring the user. The doll is folded in two to create limited storage space. The wheels are sturdy and thick to work in different areas, even in dense mud. Thanks to these wheels, the trolley can easily be lifted up the stairs. They are easy to install and easy to use. The handle is covered with a foam material that protects the user’s hand from damage, even at maximum weight.

The Dbest Products trolley comes with a waterproof fabric packaging that protects the contents from damage. The bag is washable and has 8 compartments for different items including an umbrella and a water bottle. It is equipped with a lid on top to ensure the safety of the contents.


  • Easy to set up
  • Foldable and portable
  • Supplied with a waterproof universal bag
  • A comfortable handle


  • The bag will come off if handled with care.


Wheeled trolleys are popular with senior citizens because of their versatility and the comfort they offer for transporting all types of luggage from one place to another. With the shopping carts we saw here, shopping should become a pleasant pastime again for your loved ones.



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