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9 Best Sock and Stockings Aids for the elderly and the disabled

If you have ever seen an elderly person, a disabled person or a person with back pain having problems wearing socks, you will understand that you need a sock and a support stocking. The auxiliary sock makes all this fighting just as dying out. This makes donning and doffing the socks easy, comfortable and quick. The use of a sock aid is very simple: Once in place, place a sock or stocking over the drainpipe, place your foot in the sock and pull it up using the handles.

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Go directly to research section

Purchasing guide

There are countless brands of sock devices, and they range from simple to sophisticated and reliable devices designed for long-term use. This can be confusing for a person who has no idea how socks will help them have a better experience. That is why we followed the path of emphasizing the characteristics to be taken into account when purchasing such a device.

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Easy to use

First of all, you want to look for a sock assistant that is easy to use. When it comes to mobility and agility, you want something that requires less energy and fewer steps. Secondly, you want to choose a sock attachment with a minimum of resistance and without slipping when you pull the sock up. Preferably with an adjustable belt or cord, so you can stretch your sock to the desired height.


A good sock engine should be adapted to different types of socks with different types of fabrics. It should also be able to adapt to different leg sizes without damaging the skin. A hard stocking can tear a sock if it is too wide, or make it difficult for the feet to slip if they are too thin. Voltage cables must be easily adjustable to any length. They must be long enough to ensure a sitting or standing position.

Versatility and durability

We strongly recommend the purchase of universal socks kits, which can be used to put on and take off socks. There are several options that can also be used for clothing such as shirts and trousers. Such a design can also cost you money. The product must also be able to withstand excessive use and abuse by the elderly. The material used must be strong enough to survive an accidental fall or step. Otherwise you can visit the shops from time to time.

Overview of the best socks and stockings for the elderly and disabled 2020

In what follows we have put together some of the best products on the market for you.

#1 RMS Original Deluxe Sock Wizard

First of all, our list is RMS Original Deluxe Sock Aid. It is ideal for those who have a bad lower back and find it difficult to bend too low to wear a sock or stocking.  This brand has a carefully curved shell that fits snugly on your feet, so the sock slides smoothly and completely upwards.  We love the flexibility of the hull, which allows easy installation with less energy, something every elderly or disabled person needs.

Another reason why these sock and stocking are at the top of the list is the foam cushion that prevents the sock and stocking from slipping when you put them on. The ropes are also equipped with handles that are filled with soft foam that is gentle on the hands and does not slip. This ergonomic feature allows you to get dressed faster and without a rope falling down, which can be very frustrating. Even better, the ropes are adjustable to the length of your legs, so you don’t even have to bend slightly when using them.


  • Ideal for all types of socks and stockings
  • Supplied with profiled and flexible shells for easy installation
  • Equipped with adjustable length ropes
  • Offers you excellent value for money


  • This can be an appropriate problem for people with wider legs.
  • The high elasticity of the shell can damage the pass-through holes of socks of sensitive fabrics.

#2 Sock Aid

Vive Sock Aid is one of the mandatory socks for people who recover from arthritis surgery, making their body less flexible. Keeping your feet warm will speed up the recovery process and this bottom slide will help you do it yourself with ease and speed. The case has the best non-slip strap, which goes from edge to edge. This provides maximum strength to keep the socks in place while optimally tensioning the ropes.

By holding the sock securely, it also ensures that the socks or stockings are adjusted to the maximum length of the first stroke. The ropes come with handles impregnated with soft, preformed foam for a better grip.


  • This results in a wider, non-slip cuff.
  • He can shoot heavy socks at the first attempt.
  • The ropes are adapted to their length.
  • The handles are soft for weak, soft hands.


  • The body is not flexible enough to adapt to different leg sizes.

#3 Sock care

The design of Carex Sock Aid aims to solve the problem of flexibility that is typical for most similar devices. The front ends, which fall into the socks, are cut to facilitate compression when donning. This way you use less energy to adjust even tighter stockings. This sock pusher is also covered with a terry cloth that holds the inside of the socks and pulls them up. The fabric is safe for socks as it does not cause wear and tear.

This product is inconspicuous and comes with easy-to-fold straps for neat storage. These ribbons are soft for hands and fingers, but have a firm grip over the entire length. Therefore it is not necessary to modify them, they must be kept at all times.


  • The tyres provide a soft grip at all points.
  • Easy to pack and store
  • It comes with a safety jacket to protect the socks.


  • Edges can easily collapse and lose their grip.

#4 EZ-TUG Vaughn medical socks holder

The idea of asking for help with small tasks because one is ill reduces the patient’s self-image and robs him of his dignity and independence. But with the help of Vaunn Medical EZ-TUG Sock Aid, easy to use, everything will change quickly. It has a soft shell that can comfortably accommodate a sock or stocking of any size. There is an anti-slip joint that holds the socks in place while you put on your feet. The edges of the stocking and sock are slightly curved to protect the stocking and sock against pain and skin cuts. The length of the cords can easily be adjusted by pressing the handle. If you have to put a label on your first aid kit, don’t panic. This support stocking is lightweight and comfortable for travelling.


  • Lightweight and portable equipment
  • Cables are easy to install
  • The edges are safe for your skin.


  • The casing is not hard enough for compression stockings.

#5 RMS Deluxe 28 inch long clothes rail

Another good choice is the stick for luxury clothing. A practical aid for the elderly or a recovering patient who wants to dress without help. It is a versatile garter that can be used for different types of garments, such as socks and stockings, for taking off and hanging garments. The hooks have smooth edges on the opposite ends to prevent damage to your clothing. Because of its sufficient length, people of different sizes can easily use it. But it’s also short enough to catch it and take it with you wherever you go. It’s light enough so you can easily pick up clothes from far corners. The post comes with a hardwood frame that is strong and durable.


  • It is a versatile cladding material.
  • It provides both easy access to clothing
  • It’s not that easy to break wood.
  • The clothes hooks are attached to the clothes.


  • The hooks can come off when you pull the garment tight.

#6 Sammons Preston Socks and Storage Aid

The Sammons Preston Sock & Stocking Aid is a lighter design that makes it portable from room to room. The shell has a finger-shaped structure that gives it more flexibility. If you have a wider leg, this sock is the best choice. This type of bandage, which is made of highly elastic plastic material, can also be easily compressed when the socks are put on. In addition, the surface is covered with a special fabric that prevents the socks from slipping when they are put on. The strips can easily be rolled up in the hands to adjust their length and hold them firmly in the hand. It is therefore ideal for patients who are recovering from surgery and who have problems with curves. It is also easier to wash by hand and dries very quickly.


  • It is light and portable.
  • It is very flexible and easy for patients
  • Straps are easy to adjust and use
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.


  • This can lead to stretching of the cotton stockings.

#7 Mole Plow Horse Allowance

The Mole Sock Horse Aid is a unique design for the elderly, disabled and especially for people with hip problems. You can put on your socks quickly and easily by folding and pulling your mouth over your ears. This sock protector also acts as a shoehorn with long handles to help you put your shoes on. Unlike other socks, this sock does not deform the socks by stretching over time. Only a mouth sock with elasticity goes on the rubber handles. The rubber handle also protects the socks from damage caused by sensitive materials such as nylon. The handle is long enough for different heights and requires minimal adjustment. This tool will take a long time because you don’t have to fold it when it’s open.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It won’t hurt your socks.
  • Your skin will not come into contact with it, so there is no risk of bruising.
  • It works just as well as a shoehorn with long handles.


  • Plastic handles can stick to the toes even after they have been squeezed out.

#8 Body care socks

BodyHealt Sock Aid gives you the freedom to wear socks and stockings, even if you have difficult health problems. It has practical and comfortable features for daily use without tiring the back muscles. The body comes with an easy to slide white plastic for quick socks. There is nothing more annoying than having to take off a sock after it has slipped half way. But in this sock system for disabled and elderly people, the shell has an anti-slip lining to keep the socks in place when they are put on, so they don’t slip in the middle. It has never been easier to stretch socks than with a foam handle that can be comfortably attached to any rope. These ropes are also long enough to hide standing up. You can also adjust the device to your seating position.


  • has a smooth shell so that the feet can glide easily
  • It has an anti-slip seal to keep the sock in place.
  • Comfortable use in sitting or standing position
  • Suitable for all people with different problems


  • Adjusting the length of the rope by tying knots can be a complex task.

#9 Medium square sock kit

Finally, we have the RMS Sock Aid Kit, a sock aid made of medical grade plastic, safe for the skin and designed to last a long time. It is a two-in-one set that allows you to easily put on and take off socks or stockings. With its soft handles, it guides the ropes and torso evenly when tightened. The cords are adjustable in length so that the device meets your comfort requirements. The shell is flexible and has an integrated handle that prevents even tight socks from slipping halfway. On the other hand, the rescue sock is equipped with a flexible handle and a smooth mouthpiece allowing the sock to be removed safely without damaging the skin. He also works on many kinds of socks and stockings with different elasticity and texture.


  • This is a versatile set of socks with detachable socks.
  • The plastic material has passed the medical safety tests
  • It is easy to bend the ropes for storage or transport.
  • The stain remover can be used to select other garments.


  • Soft plastic can make cotton socks expand.


Socks are a mandatory attribute for the elderly and people who cannot bend down to wear socks. They are relatively cheap and can be used both temporarily and long-term. They are very easy to use and very easy to set up. When purchasing an auxiliary sock, you must first ensure that the sock pusher can perform the task easily and without resistance. Then you should check the strength of the cursor. Finally, a good set of socks should contain instructions for using the socks and adjusting the laces. Our review has allowed us to narrow down the list of key options available to you. They all meet the above requirements.



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