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What does an online marketing manager do?

Here you will find all information about the job title Online Marketing Manager. The Online Marketing Manager is responsible for the monitoring, organization and implementation of online marketing campaigns. What does an online marketing manager do and which skills and competencies are necessary to be successful as an online marketing manager?

Job as an online marketing manager – working in marketing

What does an online marketing manager do? The online marketing manager takes over the monitoring, organization and implementation of online marketing campaigns in companies. He’s the one who works at the interface between marketing and online tools.

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  1. Definition of “Online Marketing Manager”

The job of online marketing manager is very diverse and varied. An Online Marketing Manager is responsible for a company’s online marketing activities and for running online marketing campaigns.

But what exactly does an online marketing manager do? An online marketing manager coordinates all tasks related to the topic of strategic and operational online marketing management. In addition to text ads in the Google Display Network, this also includes advertising measures on the Internet and the development of marketing strategies in order to be able to analyze and specifically address different customer groups. The main task of the online marketing manager is to improve the reach of websites and online stores.

“You ask yourself:
How do I become an online marketing manager?”

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2. What prerequisites and competencies are necessary for working as an online marketing manager?

In order to be able to take up the profession as an online marketing manager, you need a very good understanding of the interrelationships and processes of the internet and digital media and also a compact basic marketing knowledge.

2.1 Training to become an online marketing manager

There is no state-regulated training in this sense. We recommend an academic education, you do not need a special degree, but fields of study are in business administration , economics , business informatics or marketing coursesan advantage to be able to become an online marketing manager later. For example, if you want to develop yourself further in the direction of a social media manager, a good understanding of social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing and digital marketing is required, as well as experience in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube provided and also the controlling of the individual channels.

Commercial training with a focus on marketing and a certain amount of technical know-how are also advantageous. You also need a sound specialist knowledge in the field of mobile marketing, Google Analytics, Web Analytics, Google Adwords, conversion optimization, display advertising and native advertising . These competencies are now divided into must and can competencies, i.e. those that companies definitely require (must competencies) and those that are desirable for companies (optional competencies).

2.2 Competencies Must:

  • MS Office knowledge
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Text security
  • Marketing basics
  • SEO knowledge
  • Analytical skills

2.3 Competencies Can:

  • Internet affinity
  • Communication skills
  • creativity
  • customer focus
  • Teamwork

3. What are the tasks of an online marketing manager?

Online Marketing Managers deal with the organization and implementation of market and competition analyzes and the analysis of trends in online marketing. In addition, marketing – especially for example social media campaigns – is developed and activities in the area of ​​search engine optimization are planned.

For this it is important to have a sound specialist knowledge in the areas of To acquire SEO (search engine optimization) and the social network. Online marketing managers usually supervise the specialized marketing managers in their job and support them with their broad knowledge of the online community.

For the job of online marketing manager, it is not possible to specify an exact daily routine, as there may be minor deviations in the area of ​​responsibility in different industries and different professional fields. It also depends on the size of the company. During your training as a digital marketing consultancy you learn to work flexibly and to react to spontaneous situations.

The aim of the tasks of an online marketing manager is clearly defined: The effectiveness of online marketing and the marketing strategy used should have a positive effect on the success of the company. This also includes the optimization of the company’s advertising presence and the development of concepts for social media and the establishment of customer contacts. Furthermore, theSuccess control and reporting on the activities of an online marketing manager in order to assess the effectiveness of the marketing instruments used.

As an online marketing manager, you also deal with so-called affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based system whereby companies that operate an online shop, for example, pay commission to the website operator when visitors click on this online shop or buy something.

4. How much does an online marketing manager earn?

Depending on the degree, professional experience and size of the company, the salary of an online marketing manager or a junior online marketing manager can vary greatly at the beginning of the career. The average starting salary is around 32,000 EUR – 45,000 EUR annually with an upward trend.

In general, however, the bigger the company, the higher the earnings. Because online marketing is becoming more and more important for companies and PR agencies, the prospects and development opportunities are very high. As an online marketing manager you have a very responsible position and the activity as an online marketing manager is strongly future-oriented.

Here you can find out more about the starting salary and salary development as an online marketing manager.

5. How do I apply to be an Online Marketing Manager?

As an online marketing manager you should be very internet savvy and be able to use the PC and standard office applications well. It is therefore an advantage to show this in your application if you have already gained experience with various Office applications.

As early as the cover letter, you should convince with your creativity and your hard and soft skills in order to get a job as an online marketing manager and to impress your future employer with your skills. In your application you should avoid using any idioms and specifically underline your personal skills with examples. Your application should be appealing and convincing, as this is what an online marketing manager is all about. Make it clear in your application why you are particularly suitable for this job.


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