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Women and Fitness: Guide to getting started in bodybuilding

My advice to be effective during your sessions

Here are 5 essential fitness tips for women that will suit those who do weight training indoors but also those who exercise at home.

1. A sports program

When you’re new to strength training and fitness, whether it’s in the gym or at home, you need a program. It will guide you and with each workout, you will know which muscles to work, which exercises to perform, what rest times to take, etc.

It sounds logical, but trust me a lot of people arrive at the gym not knowing which session and which exercises to do. I often see people lost during their session. Whether men or women! They don’t really know what to do and try one exercise, then another, without ever doing their full sets. The bottom line is that the session is not at all productive.

Having a fitness program is the best way not to waste your time, to be efficient during your trainings to progress quickly and above all to be motivated and focused.

Most gyms offer a coaching session as soon as you register for the gym. A coach is then placed at your disposal to help you build a bodybuilding program, to teach you how to use the various machines in the room as well as the movements to perform to perform the various exercises in your sports program. The coaches are there to help you. If you are new to the gym, do not hesitate to visit them for advice on how to avoid poorly performing an exercise and injuring yourself during your workout.

If you work out at home and haven’t signed up for the gym, don’t panic, there are other solutions! You can find many fitness and bodybuilding programs on the internet. Some are free and others are chargeable. I am preparing some programs for men and women in our exercises category .

2. The stopwatch

The stopwatch is overlooked by a lot of people who do fitness and weights. Still, it can make your workouts much more effective.

With a stopwatch, your sporting practice will be much more square and structured. By paying attention to your rest time between sets and exercises, you don’t take excessive rest and waste time. And that works in the gym near me for ladies with fees or at home.

A stopwatch watch is really the best.

Personally, I found a decathlon watch for not even 10 euros that holds very well, very easy to use, shock resistant, waterproof, etc. If you can’t buy one, you can even use the one in your phone. But the watch is still more practical than a cell phone. It saves you from having to take out your phone every minute, leaving it on the floor. Above all, note that the phone is a trap because you can quickly get distracted by your notifications and lose interest in your training.

3. The water bottle

Second important thing when you train: you absolutely need a bottle of water during your session! Your body consumes about 50 centiliters of water per half hour of exertion with perspiration. So if you are out for an hour of sport, consider taking a large bottle to quench your thirst.

If you ignore this crucial point, the lack of water will cause your body to become dehydrated. This may negatively impact your performance. Fill up with water before you start and drink regularly between sets!

4. Comfortable sportswear

To surpass yourself during training, you have to bet on good behavior. Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes is essential to have a quality session. Having an outfit in which you feel good gives you more self-confidence and allows you to push your limits. Small details can hinder your training if you opt for the wrong sports outfit: clothes that are too big or too small, fear of cracking your leggings with each squat, top that keeps going up… So many small details that can distract us and us distracting and which can be avoided if you take the time to choose clothes in which you feel good.

Personally, I take the time to choose quality sportswear that I like. If like me, you like sports brands, I advise you to order on Plutosport which is a site that offers branded clothing and accessories at very very attractive prices. Nike, Puma, Fila, Adidas …

There is a lot of choice and everything is reduced, the best not to break the bank! The products are of high quality, cut very well and we receive our order very quickly.

Here is one of the outfits I bought from their site:

5. Sports shoes

Third very important thing: you absolutely need suitable sports shoes. When you run for example, you have running shoes. When you play tennis, you have shoes for playing tennis. So when you are doing fitness and weight training, you need weight training shoes.

I took the example of running but running can be accepted during certain types of training. If you do tonic exercises with fast movements (burbpees, squat jump, etc.), zumba, cross training or even pilates, you need supports and shoes that absorb the impacts. Running shoes may therefore be suitable: asics, nike, adidas, etc.

If you work out in the gym with fitness equipment and machines, the support on the ground will not be a problem with running either.

On the other hand, as soon as you go for free movements with a load: squats, deadlifts, and other exercises, you need flat shoes. It’s really great because you will be able to keep a good posture and good support. The objective is of course to achieve a clean movement without taking the risk of injuring yourself.

In addition, you can find Domyos fitness shoes (for home or in the gym) at very affordable prices in stores like Decathlon.

To help you choose them, the sole must be relatively flat. You should therefore avoid running shoes for this type of training.

6. A suitable bra

As a woman, I advise you to choose a suitable sports bra! If you don’t have a sports bra, the impacts and direction changes during your session won’t really be good for your chest. So no matter your age, no matter the size of your breasts, the sports bra is crucial and it is the basis for being comfortable in your fitness outfits!

I told you about the shoes and the bra, but of course you must opt ​​for fitness clothing from head to toe: sports bra, shorts, tank top, leggings, etc.


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